Rooted Biscay cuisine.

Over twenty years rediscovering and inventing common dishes, wanting to constantly innovating to surprise our guests.



Cadoret oysters

€6.60 each

Grilled deep-water rose shrimp from Huelva


Grilled lobster from the Cantabrian sea


“Carrasco” acorn-fed Iberian ham

35,00 €

“Balfegó” bluefin tuna tartar, green apple, and a touch of ginger

35,00 €

Sweetbreads at low temperature on nut and dried fruit sand and texturized carrot

30,00 €

To enhance the essence of the following dishes, they will be served in reduced portions.

Asparagus from Navarre, smoked eel, and foie cream
14,00 €

Short-roasted langoustine with beet hummus, seaweed cake, and sundried tomato coulis
22,00 €

Charcoal-grilled scarlet shrimp on its crispy carapace and “Teietxe” egg yolk
22,00 €

Galician spider crab on roasted potato, hake kokotxa stew with pil-pil sauce, and sautéed Aroa babatxikis beans
16,00 €

Seasonal vegetables over a Navarra artichoke cream and parsley crumble
14,00 €

10% V.A.T. included

Seasonal products



Charcoal-grilled wild turbot on an emulsion of its bones and texturized artichokes

35,00 €

Cod plate (grilled, pil-pil, and Biscay-style

30,00 €

Hake kokotxas stew with pil-pil and grooved carpet shell

35,00 €

Charcoal-grilled hake on “Parmentine” potato cream, sea air, and roasted pepper nectar

30,00 €



Rack of rosy lamb with warm aubergine and sweet potato salad

30,00 €

Roasted cured suckling veal with potato and fresh mushroom stew, Hondarribi Beltza grape jelly


Charcoal-grilled sirloin steak with wheat risotto, Iberian cured pork, and truffle meringue

33,00 €

Oak-grilled suckling steak cutlet with salad and cut potatoes

70,00 € Kg.

Quality and expertise



Chocolate, caramel and coffee

11,00 €

Nut free

Rice pudding bonbons, orange pears, corn crumble and white chocolate

11,00 €

Egg free

Passion fruit cheesecake, vanilla glazed pineapple and almond crunch

11,00 €

Caramelized brioche French toast “torrija”, apple sorbet and Etxerriaga cider

11,00 €

Nut free

Gâteau Basque with sautéed red fruits, vanilla Chantilly cream and cherry sorbet

11,00 €

Assorted pastries with ice cream

16,00 €

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