Txindoki Menu

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and for a maximum of 8 diners.
Hours of service:  13:00 – 14:30


La Gilda, or speared pickled finger food

Our butters with artisan bread

Scallop tartar in tapioca

Discarlux picanha carpaccio, blue and red shrimp and soy

Crispy morels stuffed with foie gras

Mushroom and truffle pani puri

Fresh Guilleardeau oyster, guacamole and creamy lemon from Bakio  



Asparagus from Navarre, pesto, vanilla and smoked eel

Balfego bluefin tuna, wakame and a hint of ginger

Short-roast Norway lobster, hummus and artichokes from Navarre

Getaria peas, organic egg yolk and consommé made from red onions from Zalla

Smoked Carrasco bacon, Per Se caviar and chickpea broth

Charcoal-grilled cod taco, Biscay-style and tripe fritter

Rack of rosy lamb, sweetbread, a hint of carrot and traces of coffee

Floating island, fines herbes and citrus fruits


Sheep and honey
Pineapple and coconut
Coffee and petits fours
Locally-sourced Boroa water


Manzanilla Classic Dry  Fernando de Castilla (D. O. Jerez)

Bollinger Spécial Cuvée Brut (A. O. C. Champagne)

Plácet de Valtomelloso 2022 F. B., Viura (D. O. Ca. Rioja)

Aletheia rosado con barrica (D. O. Ca. Rioja)

Muga reserva Selección Especial 2016 (D. O. Ca. Rioja)

Ariyanas Dulce 2018, Moscatel de Alejandría (D. O. Málaga)  

The menus will be for a full table.

Drinks are not included

160 €

Price of wine pairing: €60.00

10% V.A.T. included