Boroa commitment


Vulnerable groups and society’s needs

We collaborate with the Red Cross and help one person with previous training and a family at risk of exclusion to complete their internship at our restaurant.

We buy pens from a breast cancer association.

Adapted paddle


Sustainable Development

We respect our environment and surroundings as well as gardened areas, centenary woodlands and fruit trees that we have.

Use of recycled paper.

Recycle of glass, carton and paper, oils and organic things, and reusing them whenever we can so we don’t have to waste new supplies. (e.g. Using the cartons where they bring the bread to put anything organic that we’ll recycle, papers that were used in menus are later used for the back part of open bars, doing extras, etc.)


Resource transfer

Sport, Basque culture, municipality

Korrika: We provide economic aid in order to increase the use of the Euskera language.

Football: We provide economic aid to help young people with little resources.

Rally Amorebieta: Economic aid

Town Celebrations: Economic aid for town celebrations in the oxen contest.

Ibilaldia Gernika: We provide and pay for the food and all costs for earnings for the ikastolas (schools in which the Basque language is taught).



We help people who enjoy this job get trained in a prestigious place, showing them how we work and what our philosophy is.

We have personnel in charge of employment development of new professionals, managing the lodging and food for those who are not from Biscay.

You can bring clothing, non-perishable food or anything else that you consider helpful for the associations.