Vegetarian menu

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and for a maximum of 8 diners.


Light Duranguesado leek soup

Tuber melanosporum black truffle fritter

Beetroot cake on “Txakinarto” corn tortilla, pickles and caper jelly



Short roast tempe over avocado and soy mustard vinaigrette

Organic egg yolk in light truffled cauliflower cream

Charcoal-grilled boletus, carrot coulis and autumn truffle

Veggie burger, charcoal-grilled seasonal peppers and creamy Parmentine potatoes


Intxaursalsa, traditional Basque walnut cream (crunchy love letters, nougat ice cream)
Pumpkin treat (vanilla and cinnamon bavarois)
Petits Fours