Wine awakens a great assortment of sensations in us. Its smell, color taste and textures evoke different emotions and experiences.

That is why our winery offers a great variety of wines that goes well with our gastronomical offer. You can find the most important national Designations of Origin as well as a great selection of international wines.



Luis Cañas Reserve

Family selection

Made with grapes from a meticulous selection of its most special and unique vineyards over the age of 45, located in the Alava towns of Villabuena, Samaniego and Leza

Incredible Environment

Our restaurant is located in an excellent environment to taste a great variety of wines from all around the world, in the most adequate conditions for optimal conservation.


Wine culture

Our great assortment of wines we have provided wealth and diversity to both our gastronomy and the dishes in our menus, which are already in themselves strongly linked to wine culture.

International Collection

One can appreciate our food more thanks to the variety of grapes, shades, scents and flavors of our important international collection.