We’re masters at creating art in the kitchen

Rooted Biscay cuisine. Over twenty years rediscovering and inventing common dishes, wanting to constantly innovating to surprise our guests.


Cadoret oysters

Grilled rose shrimps from Huelva


“Carrasco” acorn-fed Iberian ham

Steak tartar, Txakinarto cornmeal flatbread, caper gel, and varied pickles

Artichokes with Aroa broad beans, foie gras, and parmentine potato foam

Brothy lightly curried lobster rice, saffron pil-pil, and green asparagus

Warm pheasant salad, marinade veil, baby mezclun of mustard and pomegranate vinaigrette

The following dishes will be served in small portions to enhance their essence.

Gizzard at low temperature over nut sand and carrot textu

Light Gernika pinto bean soup, collard green, morcilla, and chorizo loaf 1⁄2 plate

Charcoal grilled shrimp on crispy coral and “Teietxe” egg yolk 1⁄2 plate


Grilled wild sea bass, sautéed spinach, wild mussels, and citrus pilpil

Cod plate (grilled, pil-pil, and Biscay-style)

“Balfego” bluefin tuna tataki, tempura vegetables, and teriyaki sauce

Grilled hake on leek and prawn brandade


Short roasted fawn venison, chestnuts, and berries

Partridge stewed in Perigord sauce with yellow foot mushrooms

Short roasted Iberian fowl, potato, mushroom, and truffle stew

Grilled sirloin steak with semolina and roasted red pepper

Holm oak charcoal-grilled beef culet with salad

Notre Mojito à la fruit de la passion


Bonbon de riz au lait, poires à l’orange et chocolat blanc

Tarte soufflée au chocolat, caramel et cannelle

Convient aux personnes allergiques aux fruits secs


Pain perdu caramélisé, lait meringué et mandarine

Convient aux personnes allergiques aux fruits secs

Gâteau de carottes au fromage Idiazabal, sorbet à l’ananas et à la mangue

Assortment of pastries with ice cream

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